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G/P/MZ Riser Assembly Parts

  • P series breaker core
    P series sand casting steel / cast iron with easy cuttingThis series of easy-cut pieces are mainly suitable for XP/BP type risers, which are used on steel castings and gray iron castings. 
  • G series riser cover
    G series riser caps are made of refractory fiber materials and exothermic compound materials, and are suitable for converting BZ, RND, AND series open risers into blind risers.
  • FJ risers covering agent
    FJ riser covering agents are mainly used on the open risers of steel castings and medium and large iron castings, which can effectively prevent the heat loss of molten metal through the surface of the open risers. Auxiliary to prolong the solidification time of molten metal and increase the safety factor of feeding.
  • DY series multi-stage pressure bearing structure easy to cut pipe
    DYSeries of sand mold easy to cutIt is our 'self-shrinkable''multi-stage deformation and pressure bearing' special technical design and production, suitable forHD/XDSeries High Strength Mini Riser.When stressed on the styling lineDYThe series of easy-cut pipes are deformed by themselves, which can effectively protect the riser and prevent slag drop.It can also scientifically separate the distance between the riser body and the casting to avoid the fish-eye phenomenon at the root of the riser.
CQ Inc. (stock code: 300750) is a private joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of heating risers and slag removers for casting.

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