Talent recruitment plan
We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.

urgent recruitment
The Finance Department is recruiting an accountant. The treatment and requirements are as follows:
1. Not less than 3 years of accounting experience in production-oriented industrial enterprises
2. Proficient in using UF financial software and OFFICE office software
3. Intermediate accounting titles are preferred.
Treatment: basic salary 4500 + post performance 1000-1500, + academic title subsidy 500-1000; + end-of-year dividends + post performance can be invested in shares.Sign a formal contract, pay five insurances and one housing fund.

2022 reserve cadre recruitment plan (1)
According to the recruitment plan of the company's human resources department, the company recruits and trains a number of backup management cadres this year. The treatment requirements are as follows:
1. The enterprise management department recruits 2 people, male or female; the production management department recruits 2 deputy directors of the workshop, only male.
2. Requirements: Bachelor degree or above is required, and fresh graduates majoring in management are preferred.
3. It is necessary to be proficient in OFFICE office software and be able to use graphic design software.
4. Treatment during the trial period: one month trial period, basic salary of 4,500 yuan, shuttle bus commuting, free lunch.After the probation period expires, after passing the examination, they will be retained, and they will apply for five insurances and one housing fund.
5. Treatment of regular employees: basic salary of 6,000-8,000 yuan + dividends at the end of the year; after three years of service, the performance of the post can be invested in shares.
6. Provide on-the-job training. After five years of on-the-job work, the company provides the opportunity to apply for on-the-job postgraduate MBA, and 50% of the tuition can be reimbursed.Application number: 13562782110Ms. Liang

2022 New Media Operation Department Recruitment Plan (2)
According to the annual recruitment plan of the company's human resources department, the marketing department recruits 3 new media operators, and the treatment requirements are as follows:
1. College degree or above, male or female, fresh graduates are preferred.
2. Position configuration, 1 graphic design; 1 film and television shooting and post-editing production; 1 copywriting.
3. The department is responsible for implementing the company's brand strategy.Operate video platforms such as Douyin and Youku; be responsible for the entire network operation of Weibo, Baidu bidding and other brands.
4. Treatment: basic salary of 3,000 yuan + performance appraisal of 3,500 yuan + year-end bonus + year-end dividend.Application number: 13562782110 Ms. Liang

2022 Marketing Department Recruitment Plan (3)
According to the company's key personnel recruitment annual plan, this year plans to recruit 2 product application development engineers. The treatment requirements are as follows:
Recruit 1 application development engineer for cast iron riser products; 1 application development engineer for cast steel riser products.
1. More than five years of work experience in the technical process of the foundry, familiar with the casting process of cast steel and cast iron castings, and can independently design the application of the riser.
2. There is a certain free time to go to the customer site to do development services.
3. Those who have the ability to use simulation software are preferred.
Salary: Full-time and part-time jobs are acceptable. Salary is negotiable.Application number: 13563797009 Mr. Wang

Production Temporary Recruitment
Due to the needs of business development, we are now recruiting ten front-line workers in the workshop. The treatment requirements are as follows:
1. Age under 45 years old, male, healthy and able to bear hardships and stand hard work;
2. The trial period is ten days; the minimum salary is 6,000 yuan/month; 200 yuan/day.Selected admission during the probationary period.
3. 8000-12000 yuan for formal workers, sign labor contracts, and apply for five insurances and one housing fund.
4. There is a shuttle bus for commuting in the urban area; lunch is provided.
5. The registration deadline is August 30, and the interview will be held on August 31.Recruitment appointment phone number: 13562747527 Manager Du
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