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Research progress of wear-resistant liner project-2020-12-latest.pptx 31.48MB 6 2022-08-27 Download
Application of heating riser in rotary castings.pdf The castings belong to the category of thick and large rotary bodies, and the construction machinery castings are made of QT700-2; the single weight of the castings is 83kg; 6.40MB 5 2022-08-27 Download
Analysis of the casting process of wind power generation castings.pdf 172KB 5 2022-08-13 Download
Cast iron riser design manual.pdf 879KB 7 2022-08-13 Download
China's ductile iron lost foam casting technology progress and production application.pdf 668KB 5 2022-08-13 Download
Common rescue techniques for casting surface defects and their applicability.pdf 217KB 10 2022-08-13 Download
Factors and Analysis of Influencing Flow Defects and Surface Quality of Die Castings.pdf 114KB 6 2022-08-13 Download
Inventory of my country's V-method casting patent review V-method casting technology innovation.pdf 376KB 23 2022-08-13 Download
Material evaluation method of grey cast iron.pdf 458KB 5 2022-08-13 Download
Reducing porosity defects in valve body castings.pdf 135KB 4 2022-08-13 Download
Research and application of synthetic cast iron.pdf 321KB 5 2022-08-13 Download
Thoughts on Green Foundry.pdf 178KB 5 2022-08-13 Download
GBT 2085.1-2007 Aluminum Powder Part 1: Air Atomized Aluminum Powder.pdf 2.73MB 206 2022-08-13 Download
Casting heat insulation riser sleeve.pdf 3.10MB 382 2022-08-13 Download
Graphite chemical analysis methods.pdf 811KB 549 2022-08-13 Download
Test method for refractory mud consistency.pdf 442KB 358 2022-08-13 Download
CQ Inc. (stock code: 300750) is a private joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of heating risers and slag removers for casting.

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