Warm congratulations on the convening of the 2020 Shandong Foundry Annual Meeting!Together in the same boat, to create brilliant!!

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From December 14th to 16th, 2020, the Shandong Foundry Annual Meeting was held in Qihe County, Dezhou City. Our company participated in the meeting as a member of the Shandong Foundry Association.During the meeting, our company showed our new and old products to casting colleagues from all walks of life, and received unanimous praise from everyone!


Mr. Wang attended the scene of the Provincial Foundry Association Congress


Spring and Autumn Shares Appreciation Dinner 1


Spring and Autumn Shares Appreciation Dinner Scene 2


Spring and Autumn Sales Team


On-site product display at the annual meeting

CQ Inc. (stock code: 300750) is a private joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of heating risers and slag removers for casting.

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